Friday, February 04, 2005

Narc Chatter

Subject: Don't support your local Sherriff, he's likely inept.

Busy as fuck.

At 3:15 this afternoon, I have a telephonic hearing.
Fairbanks DA's office got dealt a dirty trick and were
served at the last minute, a notice of evidentiary

Normally, we have a day or two advance notice,
allowing time for me to be updated and briefed as to
how exactly I supposedly entrapped the infamous Robert

No shit, Satterberg, council for the defense, is on a
fishing expedition, searching for a criminal pattern
of behavior. Yes, the author is suspected of enticing
'good' people into starting up their own criminal drug
smuggling and bootlegging operations.

I'm flattered, I never thought of myself as a very
accomplished crook, but rather, one lethal undercover
operative. Analogous to a torpedo; when you see this
amoral psychopath knock on your door, a rather large
explosion will soon follow. I merely serve as bomb
delivery service, compliments of Columbo & Nay, and a
hunnert other uniformed comrades.

Satterberg has at his disposal court documents of the
following cases. Some you may remember.

*Kotzebue 1992 Capone case-large scale reverse sting.
*Palmer 1994 Robert Sauve case-weapons, pot grower.
*Anchorage 1994 Edward Larson-coke, and lots of it.
*Fairbanks 2000 John Paliwoda-Date Rape Drug Sting.
*Barrow 2003 Robert Logan-Viol. of local opt/import
*Fairbanks 2003 Robert Logan-DEA case-weapons, pot gro

The direction we perceive he's heading, is to get all
the emails, video, and audio evidence tossed out, thus
derailing the Barrow thrust of this case, easing his
negotiable plea in Fairbanks.

In an effort to discredit our year-long shit pile of
work, Logan and Satterberg schemed 2 separate trials,
Barrow drug & alcohol importation, and sale to
undercover officers employed by UAF, DEA, and AST.
The other case is focused on his grow-op, weapons
violations, illegal use of planes, trains, and
automobiles, with that part handled by Fairbanks. I'm

This is what scares me: the possibility of an upcoming
Barrow case. Fairbanks DA desk warned me that this
may be inevitable-despite zero staff at our local
kangaroo courthouse. Ya see, we have no DA here in
Barrow, no magistrate either, just 2 hack clerk
can't-cunts, and a whole slew of inept NS cops. No
shit, time is nigh to implement any felonies you may
be plotting. Cops merely collect evidence, for
conviction, ya need a competent prosecution to present
evidence. None here, sir.

"Ain't got no such high fallutin' shit 'round these
parts, we just lynch any white niggers that interfere
with our God given right to drink; preggo or not, fuck
like filthy animals, and abuse our litter as we
please. Women are property, kids are for sex, stupid
fucking white man."

Ironic, we prosecute these brown baby pluggers with a
Native American governing and legal system. What the
fuck is so 'white man' about the Alaska Court System,
it's based on Seminole modeling. Tribal courts are
merely another way to keep the taste of yer brother's
ass on your father's dick. Molly Hootch exemplifies
sheer stupidity, she don't even know she's an ignorant
pawn assisting in the cultural acquisition of little
girl and boy pussy.

Where is a goddamn honest cop when you need him? I
was cautioned repeatedly to maintain complete
confidentiality and not mention a peep to NS coppers.
Thanks Nasruk, you bastard. You were the last honest
cop in town. Hope you come back real soon.

If I suck a bullet from this community, I promise I'll
greet you on the other side with tall cold ones, and a
smoke. Heaven is filled with battered cops, and I'll
be in far better company than this negro village

History teaches painful lessons. All my control
officers at AST or DEA warned me that NS cops
compromise narc jobs over and over. Seems as soon as
we invite North Slope Assfucks to join in on our
covert undercover play, our narcs get burned, freight
shipments get compromised, with very little useful
evidence remaining to show a sub90IQ Ice nigger jury.

Last blunder sure pissed off Attorney General, Renkes.
He faxed a cease operations and property seizure
order; no state or federal gaming permits were ever
obtained for gambling at Native Village O' Niggers.
NS cops ignored his faxed orders, so AST had to fly
up, rent cars, and raid the Nigger Village of Barrow
illegal gaming operations all by themselves.

Wonderful interagency assist, eh soldiers? It'll be
another 10,000 years before we trust NS cops with
anything sensitive.

In most functioning parts of America, the legal system
is quite a simple structure.

The rules of the courtroom are based on an old
Seminole Indian Triangular Structure, like our current
3 pronged government: executive, legislative, and

In the courtroom:
1 The judge is the trier of the law, maintains order.
2 The jury is the trier of the facts, sift thru bs.
3 Opposing councils spin yarns, stir shit, and smear
us soldiers with anything that sticks. Sorry, all
races of poop eventually stick to us, and our

The jurors always detect shit slinging fishing
expeditions, don't help anybody's case. But when an
opportunity to bash a narc arises, well, same ol' same
Rangers, council is up my ass with a goddamn fork,
looking for evidence of corruption. If yer looking
for corruption fomented by the author, you'll likely
need to inspect another state.

Even jurors like seeing undercovers, narcs,
confidential informants etc roasting over the fire.
I'm learning to enjoy it too. Fine line to walk.
Thank god we have enthusiastic narcs volunteering
daily. Not.

Statewide Drug Enforcement has all the evidence I've
recorded or documented, but Satterberg wants to take a
stroll down the author's memory lane.

So many of these cases hinge on discrediting the
undercover operatives. I sure hope FuckAss has a
goddamn gas mask and puke bucket.

That's all for today my blessed fellow bastards, I'll
keep you posted. Cover my 6.

But most of all: stay nasty,



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