Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hatred, Heebs, and Non-Logic.

Top of the morning gents,

Glad to see the elections over with. Brutal sweep,
voters seemed enamored with the Republican message of
National Security, Family Values, and whatever theme
both parties hijack and call their own.

Funny, after a year of nasty mudslinging like Michael
Moore-on's Fahrenheit 451 (never saw it) seemed to
ostracize California, the fag state. Backlash is
exactly that; you piss off good old fashioned
Americans like our grandparents, you'll get strapped
to the whipping pole.

Tough luck for the liberal same sex fecus eaters.
I've worked and served time in numerous prisons,
homosexuality was a life choice, suck dick or die.

I also never saw the Passion of Christ, scares me to
think that mob mentality can infect and motivate Old
Testament supporters to lynch the author of the New
Testament. Never mess with the Jews, tough and
lethal. Since all of EuroAsia banned Kikes from
owning land, they compensated; their now good with
numbers and business, wood and nails too.

Don't get too upset, a miserable Heeb pal of mine
(David Caleschman) explained it this way, "Why does
everybody get so torqued about our lynching Jesus,
we've been smoking every Messiah since Christ was a
corporal. Besides, if 6 million dead Jews don't
bother the world, why should one more?"

"It's OK for Barbarians and uncut dick smokers to fuck
and kill their own, why can't we?"

The Old World Religions all hated Jesus, especially
the Arab World, seems Christianity is truly the
perfect antidote for stale and rotten religions and
cruel and useless aboriginal cultures.

The Mrs. famous quote: "The best way to eliminate
obsolete aboriginal cultures is to throw Christ and
commerce at them."

Did I ever tell you boys I married smart? She's my
personal armed body guard and stereotype smasher;
she's a sober, pretty, and well dressed Native lady.
Imagine that?

She also provides me with the icky truth behind child
rape practices so prevalent amongst brown people. You
think I'm gonna uphold this nasty secrecy? Fuck you.
I enjoy poking fun at folks that have yet to learn
their sexual practices are identical to every poverty
stricken trash tribe.

It's not the skin color; it's the culture of denial,
concealment, and thinking that treating children like
the wonderful creations they are, is a 'tunnik'

You know something? I'm approaching the one-year mark
on my promise to piss you fuckers off daily. Since
January of this year I promised Columbo, Westlake and
Nay I'd harass them daily with numbers of essays
provocateur. These boys also created a forum for each
of you to flip shit to each other. Way cool or what?

And we thought all chiefs of police were thickheaded
dolts. Most are. Columbo is the exception that
proves the rule. Criminals have been irate since you
boys all made acquaintances. Hate to say it, but cops
and play-crooks need to unite if you want to take a
bite out of crime.

And a big bite you boys are now enjoying. Chew your
poop before swallowing. Enjoy your meal, son.

Since then, I've added more gifted criminalists, like
Octuck and Squish. You older farts can smile knowing
a tough audience makes for better performances, fuck
you too. God loves ye.

I tried to add bunches of non-gunslingers but
irritated them to no avail. What is it about
non-coppers that get so angry?

I never shared them with all of you, but I got vicious
replies, put on faggot mailing lists, and challenged
to my authority of Alaska, rural issues, and Native
self-inflicted horrors.

I've clipped almost a dozen recipients that were blind
carbon copied (BCC), after almost a year of cop, narc,
and prosecutorial chatter we've found homeostasis
(balance) with this crew of murderous bastards.

Sure wish I could hire all you bastards to work up
here on the North Slope, it's still like the old West,
I can kill or maim any ice nigger I choose. NS
Borough Cops are the still un-trusted flunkies by the
rest of the state.

I sure could've used their help with this last year's
undercover gig, but I was strictly and clearly
directed to use all my tricks and skills to stay clear
of them. Fuck, even us contract agents have to slug
it out alone. Kind of sucks, but that's what makes me
a man.

Remember boys, this is all confidential discourse. No
civilians, no outsiders, just you powder smelling

Years from now, you'll all have a vote in whether we
share these nasty ass emails, it'll be up to you.

OK, pull me back from my digression.

I attached an intriguing idea for our gas pipeline,
and also take look at the goddamned stock market!

Fuck. I knew a Dem vote would be bad for business,
but I haven't seen such a post election spike in all
the world's major bourses (market indexes) before.



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