Friday, February 04, 2005

Education is the best medicine.

Top of the morning gents,

I received some JFK conspiracy updates from some of you.

Funny reading my friends; Kennedy earned his bullets,
his brother too.

Old Joe Kennedy was a notorious organized crime figure
during prohibition. He even bragged that he bought
the election of JFK, but was "damned if he was gonna
pay for a landslide."

Lesson: don't bite the hand that feeds you. Both
Kennedy’s thought they could betray the Mafiosi that
manipulated their own elections, likely the most
corrupt and poorly documented election in history.

The Gore/Bush fiasco was child's play in comparison,
with dumb ol' Gore's dad still one of the few Southern
DixieCrats that voted against JFK's 1964 Civil Rights
Act. Didn't know that did you?

The Kennedy wealth arose from corruption, with every
day forever as payback. Just like the Bush
patriarchy, powerful families continually reinvent
themselves to appear benevolent, contrary to the piles
of corpses required to make a wealthy family. The
cronies of both the Bush’s and the Kennedy’s have
killed more colored folks and Induns than AIDS and
E-coli combined, meaning, very few.

If any of you boys think national political battles
for the privilege of being the most powerful man (+
100 cabinet staff) are fair, safe, and moral, well you
better stay home and watch dope operas, Montel
Williams, and Dopra. If you don’t require accuracy,
they offer the tastiest bits of creative history and
domestic opinions.

Blaming this series of murders and accidental deaths
on the Bush family is incorrect, their pile of bodies
are still well hidden. I sure miss Clinton; he was
likely the best Republican president we ever had, good
killer crew too. His veiled attempt to restrict hand
guns actually scared all of us into hording an arsenal
for fear Blow Job Bill was gonna take 'em away. Sales
for handguns stayed pegged all through his

God I miss that guy. Served my interests almost
perfectly. Heck of a Republican. Don't you just hate
rich corrupt families?

Well, truth be told, I’m kind of fond of ‘em. This
election is really a battle between two nasty groups,
the Kennedy turds, and the Bush turds.

Watch politics; nobody walks away un-bloodied. May
the worst man win. And they do.

I'll be proudly voting for the Bush/Cheney ticket, but
yet ironically, I'll be punching the Knowles ticket
too. I vote all over the ballot. Fuck all.

I enjoy watching the forced implementation of No Child
Left Behind. Look at yourselves; did a village
education prepare you to compete and win against smart
fucks like myself?

Aside from Nolton, none of you other coppers have
earned your college degrees. Remember, we live in a
meritocracy, meaning free choice and reward for smart
choices. Hence, why cops and public school teachers
don't make a decent living; thankless jobs that are
hamstrung and prevented from executing their duties

I'm gonna keep pounding the lectern with this tirade;
You boys deserve more money than a shitty public
sector job, and I'm the only asshole that you'll
listen too. After 20 or 30 years in PERS, you won’t
even be an eighth of a millionaire.

Goddamn, again. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic;
likely the least understood and most hated tools of
learning by our Eskimo dumbshit neighbors. Thus
keeping ignorance cool and popular. I tutored all of
our dimmer rural kids at UAF.

Check your stats before squaring off in a debate against
me. Natives are located in the bottom fifth quintile with
regards to statewide test scores. If you hate exams
and tests, yer likely not prepared, meaning you
fucking didn't study with beer drinking chaps like me
and didn't learn a damn thing all semester.

My theory; the quality of the student is derivative of
the quality of the instructor. Any of you uniformed
felons gonna argue with my theory?

2 guesses why my students and study mates rolled up
every goddamn exam, and fucking smoked them. Even the
hardest material is easy when you're dedicated to a
crew of guys like you, plus beer, cigs and Corp Strat.
Come on guys, this brain damaged bag of scar tissue
and overwhelming guilt pulled top grades and honor
role every damn semester; all you chumps have higher
IQ's, but robbed of LEARNING skills. Fuck you very

I ain't kidding, I'm likely dummber'n you bastards,
but I know how to learn and retain like no other
fucker. You master the art of learning, you'll all
put my lazy nigger ass to shame.

It's funner'n fuck to walk in arrogantly and ace an
exam so scary I can smell it in the classroom, but
then, I’m not a product of Alaska’s retard
manufacturing system, public schools. Best part, both
the professors and competing students already know
where Chermaine, Capt. Gardner and I will be found on
the grading curve.

Ain’t education great? Don’t you wish everybody had
one? Why did KIC hire this smart fucker to execute a
hostile acquisition of your local electrical
cooperative, KEA? M&A's are fun.

M&A = mergers and acquisitions.

I was so pissed at the dumber’n shit NW Arctic School
‘Bored’, Bunny and I paid a small fortune to educate
our daughter in Seattle. Since then, she’s ashamed at
the abysmally shitty job self-governing village/local
schools still do. The classroom ain’t no place for
forced religion or cultural absorption(ie Inupuke),
eliminates the objectivity and wonderful analytical
debates. That retarded shit stays at home.

Remember, Eskimos and Vikings are only fascinating far
from their respective homes. Back on the res, we're
too common and boring, nothing diverse, interesting,
or noteworthy. Puke fucking moral and cultural
lessons have to be assimilated from yer folks prior to
the age of 7. By kindergarten or first grade, it's
too late, yer kids are already destined be just as
dumb as their uncles.

Reading, writing, arithmetic, the enigmatic code
breakers for everything you've assumed to be
nonsensical, like your best friend and advocate, me.


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