Friday, February 04, 2005

Alcohol Related Homicidal Behavior North of the Arctic Circle

Top of the morning gents,

I spotted a story about an alcohol related homicide in
Kotzebue. Imagine that?

Sexual predators of all colors migrate to Bush Alaska,
the emerging culture is incapable of combating this,
let alone speak about it.

Ya know? Makes sense why Eskimos hate us white
niggers so fucking much, only us murderous shitbags
and suicidal rapists are welcomed and woven into this
new and wonderfully evolving culture. Funny shit
ain't I? Fuck you. Takes one to know one.

Chronic volumes of high proof rum, cigarettes and
doobage, plus a good measure of Mongoloid blood is the
Kotzebue recipe for a successful party, and lynching.
The state and feds pour cubic dollars on the growing
crisis of Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse, yet, this is
the preferred destination of choice if yer looking fer
a little sex, drugs, and country and western.

In Kotzebue, there are numerous smelly shacks and
spilt bucket dwellings to party in. Bet none of you
ever choked on chronic in Danny Burnor's shack at
South Tent City. This place was the veritable Mecca
for mindless addicts looking to refresh the poop and
blood on their genitals. In a scientific context,
these monsters are merely taking core samples and
counting the rings.

After chugging flammable fluids and incinerating too
much weed, these ruthless fuckers roam the streets of
Kikiktagruk ChildRapeville searching for random
victims to dole out fist and penis violence on. Ya
see, this mixed-blood gang of wasted pustules are all
former victims of the same horrid abuse they're
looking to unleash on new victims of any age or

Aside from puke shack festivals, MMC had notorious
parties in the Hospital Housing basements. Frequent
guests of honor at these basement MMC apartment
parties was the now infamous Rick Miller, Randy Kem,
Tilmer Black, and Gumby's loser roommate, the 'Other
FatFuck' that thankfully left town.

Also visiting dignitaries were Nurse Diesel and The
Herp Queens, and a shit load of popular people we see
on the Internet (DPS Sex Offenders Website).

One evening, downstairs at Hospital Housing, Rick
Miller and Chip Hailstone slipped Randy Kem a 10-strip
of chemically soaked paper. Super high quality stuff
from Bellingham. Rumor has it, numerous sheets of
acid were smuggled from Bellingham to Kotzebue on
Alaska Airlines in the bedding of a dog kennel with a
$500.00 red-nosed American pitbull inside.

As the LSD soaked Mr. Kem's puny brain, the fucker
went ballistic. He started swinging and kicking the
party goers, I pushed Sara upstairs, tackled Randy and
dragged him outside of Hospital Housing. The genital
and facial improvements were complimentary.

I explained that his butt buddies Rick Miller and Chip
Hailstone sneaked a bunch of acid into him and that
he'd be all right, next Tuesday. Fucker just started
screaming and fighting me again. We had another bit
of a tussle, so I carefully eased him to the ground.

After waking, Rick Miller escorted him away,
apologizing for his LSD spike stunt and that he won't
charge him for the acid.

"Eased him to the ground." You shitfucks are
gullible. Remember soldiers, shoot first, swap ID's

Last I heard, Mr. Kem tore all his clothes off and was
running up and down the airport runway. Haven't seen
that guy in an awful long time.

Alas, the quaint memories of that wonderful drinking
village with a terrible fishing problem.

In closing, I now understand why Natives retain so
many stereotypes about us murderous dirty white boys,
there are so many fucking examples supporting these

As you were. Read onward.



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